“It’s lonely at the top!” That is the sentiment so many members feel before joining EAF. Each day executives make daunting decisions. Often it is difficult and sometimes unwise to express concerns about business and candidly review business opportunities with an employee.

Within EAF, executives and entrepreneurs at small-and-medium-sized businesses come together to share their knowledge, discuss challenges in current and evolving business environments, and find solutions. It is a forum for connecting and learning with and from each other. EAF meetings include business planning, marketing, succession planning, personnel issues, estate planning and general life balance discussions. It is a forum based on a signed confidentiality agreement and is professionally facilitated. Each member will receive valuable peer counsel for collaboration on business issues and be challenged to create a strategic plan to capitalize on business opportunities.

Industries represented within EAF include banking, financial planning, public relations, insurance, legal, real estate, accounting, manufacturing, biotech, technology, book publishing and the food industry.

Due to the confidential information shared at each meeting, no competing businesses belong to the same chapter.